Monday, October 19, 2015

Rhiot about to support all GPSD-compatible GPS units

The BU353 Camel component for Rhiot has been well received in our community. I'm pretty happy to announce then that we plan to deprecated BU353 component in order to promote new, better and awesome GPSD Camel component. GPSD component is available (and highly recommended to use) starting from Rhiot 0.1.2.

Why is GPSD better than BU353?

  • GPSD component supports all GPSD-compatible GPS units, including BU353
  • GPSD component doesn't read from devices directly, but uses GPSD client and server for this prupose (so it is more reliable for concurrent access use cases) 
  • GPSD Time-Position-Velocity objects can be accessed to receive the detailed GPS information (like a current speed of the device), not only GPS location coordinates
  • you can use GPSD component to read the GPS data from the remote device running GPSD server  

BU353 to GPSD migration

GPSD component is really a drop in replacement for BU353 component. You can simply change your route from...


Spot the difference ;) .

Special thanks

Many thanks go to Taariq Levack, our brand new Rhiot committer, who authored this new component. Taariq, you rock :) .

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