Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Scala forum is here for you

Apparently I've become the Open Source junkie. Recently I started to contribute to another great open source project, this time the one not related directly to the Apache Camel family. I've been a little bit involved into the Spring Scala project from the Spring Source (aka VMware) foundry.

I really like the idea behind this fine piece of software. I plan to use Spring Scala as the base for the Camel and ServiceMix modules written in Scala. For now Camel comes with a nice Scala DSL, however Scala users still don't feel like the first-class citizens in the ServiceMix world. The main reason behind this situation is that there is no dedicated bridge between ServiceMix's Spring XML bootstrap file and Scala code.

Arjen Poutsma (dev lead of Spring Scala) was so kind to create Spring Scala forum so project committers and users could communicate more easily. I personally monitor this forum, so if you got any doubts or suggestions regarding the project, feel free to drop a message there. Keep in mind also that anybody can create request the pull to the Spring Scala on GitHub, so feel free to contribute your ideas.