Friday, September 27, 2013

Open source friendly CI hosting with CloudBees

I haven't got much experience with CloudBees cloud services so far. However last week I asked CloudBees guys if Camel Extra could benefit from their Open Source program. The answer was positive and hereby we got 2500 minutes of free Jenkins builds per month for Camel Extra.

The overall experience with the Jenkins instance hosted at CloudBees infrastructure is really good. If you just want to run jobs on the Jenkins instance pre-configured according to the expert's guides (yes Kohsuke, I'm looking at you!)  - the CloudBees is a way to go.

On the behalf of Camel Extra team, many many many thanks to the CloudBees guys for hosting the free Jenkins instance for us. You are true friend and supporter for the Open Source projects like ours :) .

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Camel Extra 2.10.5 and 2.10.6 have been released

This month two overdue version of Camel Extra (2.10.5 and 2.10.6) have been released and are now available in the Maven central. This way we are in sync with all the Apache Camel 2.10 releases.

The next item in the Camel Extra team backlog is to release Camel Extra 2.11 and 2.12 artifacts. Ideally I would like to be always in sync with Apache Camel release cycle, but to achieve this state we need to improve out release process a little bit. :) .

Keep in mind that we always appreciate contributions to the release effort, so if you would like to help us to speed up Camel Extra releases, just drop me a line.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My ServiceMix book hit the market

OK, this is not a real news, as it happened some time ago. :) For those who still doesn't know - my very first book "Instant Apache ServiceMix How-to" has been published by Packt.

If you are looking for the good source of knowledge that would help you to start your adventure with the coolest lightweight ESB in the universe (aka ServiceMix), this is the right book to read. Packt's Instant books are pretty brief, mine is less than 70 pages. Ideal for ServiceMix bootstrap.

Here, here and here you can find some reviews of my publication.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Spring Scala 1.0.0.RC1 is out

I happy to say that just a few days ago Spring Source deployed the very first release candidate of Spring Scala, one of the open source projects I'm involved into. If you are not a kind of "no framework" zealot and use Scala, you definitely must check out this project.

Spring Scala 1.0.0.RC1 comes with many minor fixes and enhancements. Some of them are:
  • fixed some infamous stack overflow exceptions
  • upgraded project to use the latest version of Scala (2.10.2)
  • added bean access syntactic sugar to application context
  • enhanced transactions support
  • added basic Spring Test support
  • added component scan DSL support
  • and many more
Starting from this version Spring Scala will be distributed with Scala version suffix (to follow SBT versioning  convention). In order to enjoy the latest RC in your Maven project, use the following build configuration.
Keep in mind that Spring Scala is still looking for feature requests to be implemented and, at last but not least, contributors.