Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Meet me at the ApacheCon Core EU 2015

This Friday I will be speaking at the ApacheCon EU 2015, in Budapest. The even takes place at the same venue as a year before i.e. at lovely Corinthia Hotel Budapest. I will be giving two IoT related talks:

I will be in Budapest for Thursday and Friday. If you are at the Budapest at this time, feel free to drop me a line!

About ApacheCon Core:
Core will bring together the open source community to learn about and collaborate on the technologies and projects driving the future of open source, web technologies and cloud computing. Apache projects have and continue to be hugely influential in the innovation and development of software development across a plethora of categories from content, databases and servers, to big data, cloud, mobile and virtual machine. The developers, programmers, committers and users driving this innovation and utilizing these tools will meet in Budapest, October 1 & 2, for collaboration, education and community building.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Rhiot quickstarts - getting into the IoT really fast!

The goal of the Rhiot project is to allow the developers to create the Internet Of Things projects as easily as possible. We want to make the complex IoT projects simpler and bring the fun to the IoT world, while preserving all the benefits the developers can gain from the rich Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio
Keeping Rhiot philosophy in mind, we decided to start releasing the quickstarts - the set of the base projects that can be used as a building blocks for the IoT solution. Rhiot quickstarts can be copied and used as the template for your IoT solution.
The programming model we have chosen for Rhiot quickstarts revolves around Camel and Vert.x. Camel routes are our primary choice for the expression of the endpoint connectivity and message routing. So starting embedded MQTT ActiveMQ broker and connecting to it might be as simple as using the following Groovy snippet:
class MyMqttApp extends CamelBootstrap {

    void configure() {
        from(mqtt('topic')).log('Received ${body}')

Vert.x verticles and event bus are also the first class citizen in all the Rhiot applications. So Rhiot can help you with detecting Vert.x verticles or make it as easy to connect to the event bus as:
class MyMqttApp extends CamelGroovyVerticle {

    void configure() {

Looks interesting? More details about Rhiot API and quickstarts soon to come!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

IoT server platform emerging at Eclipse

Recently at the Eclipse IoT Working group mailing lists one of our members raised the proposal to collaborate on the server-side platform specification.

Why this proposal is so important? Because it may result in the creation of the core engine for the IoT backend services that might become a kind of standard, as there are several companies interested in participating in the project.

I'm definitely interested in getting involved into that initiative. Tomorrow I will be presenting the Rhiot project to the Eclipse IoT Working Group, so the other members can see how Rhiot and that emerging platform could overlap.

I highly recommend to track the minutes published on the Eclipse IoT Working Group mailing lists. The emerging Eclipse platform can be a big thing!

BTW Wondering who is the part of the Eclipse IoT Working Group? EuroTech, IBM, Red Hat, Cisco, Bosch, Sierra Wireless, Canonical, Huawei, Verisign, to mention some of them.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Rhiot 0.1.1 is out

On the behalf of Rhiot team, I'm happy to announce that Rhiot 0.1.1 has been released. It's been a while since efforts related to rebranding the project from Camel Labs to Rhiot have been holding our release train.

What has changed in the latest Rhiot?