Thursday, October 22, 2015

Rhiot 0.1.2 is out

Rhiot 0.1.2 is finally out! Many thanks for Taariq Levack for the awesome job he did on the new GPSD Camel component and webcam Camel component.

What has exactly changed between Rhiot 0.1.1 and 0.1.2? Here is the complete list:

  • Added Camel webcam component
  • Deprecated BU353 component on the behalf of the GPSD component
  • Added GPS client coordinates type converter
  • Fixed: BU353 returns "FileNotFoundException: /dev/ttyUSB0 (Device or resource busy)" 
  • Rhiot now supports reading Spring Boot file
  • Renamed com.github.camellabs.iot.vertx.camel.GroovyCamelVerticle to io.rhiot.vertx.camel.GroovyCamelVerticle
  • Moved camel-kura component from com.github.camellabs to io.rhiot package
  • Device detection is performed in parallel
  • Added "scan" command to the deployer
  • Deployer now allows to specify customized fat jar
  • Deployer now downloads the same gateway version as deployer version
  • Deployer now detects devices from multiple interfaces
  • Deployer now scans OSX network interfaces
  • Device Cloudlet MongoDB connection now timeouts faster

Rhiot is a messaging platform for the Internet Of Things. We are focused on an adoption of the Red Hat JBoss middleware portfolio to provide solutions to common IoT-related challenges.

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