Friday, January 4, 2013

Fuse Fabric installation options

If you want to play a bit with the Fuse Fabric, you can start the fun by choosing one of the following options:
Although installing Fabric on the vanilla container is very temping, this option doesn't work well in the latest stable Karaf/ServiceMix/Fabric releases. Keep in mind however that, according to the information I've found on the mailing lists, the latest development versions of the Karaf/ServiceMix/Fabric work like a charm.

Since deploying snapshot versions of containers to the production is not an option, at this moment I would recommend to stick to the bundled version of the Fuse Fabric. If you want to use this fine piece of software, you need to migrate your configuration to so called Fabric profiles anyway. With created profiles, migrating from vanilla ServiceMix to Fabric bundle is not a big deal.