Sunday, September 16, 2012

Minimal reasonable Fuse Fabric installation

If you're ServiceMix user, you need to be aware of the existence of the fancy piece of software from the FuseSource foundry called Fuse Fabric. Fabric takes deployment of the ServiceMix to the higher level of maturity. The ZooKeeper level of the maturity to be exact.

When you should seriously start to think about introducing the Fabric to your solution?

In my opinion you start to gain from the Fuse Fabric starting from the two ServiceMix instances hosted at two machines.

The minimal reasonable Fabric installation could consist of:

  • Fabric Server and one child container on the first machine (A).
  • Fabric container on the second machine (B). The container on the B machine is connected via SSH to the Fabric Server on the machine A.

You create parent Fabric profile with base configuration. The latter profile will be used to derive two child profiles for the containers A and B. The child profiles will contain machine-specific configuration (like endpoints addresses or singleton quartz tasks).

By introducing Fabric, you get the following advantages over the vanilla ServiceMix installation:
  • the comfort of deploying the ServiceMix solution into the single machine (Fabric Server).
  • clean separation of the shared and machine specific configurations (achieved via profiles).

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