Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm full-rights Apache Camel commiter from now on

From this Monday I'm officially full-rights committer for the the Apache Camel (aka Camel Rider).

Why full-rights? Some time ago, when I started to contribute to the Apache Camel I've been granted committer privileges for the Camel modules not distributed under the Apache license (aka Camel Extra). Now I basically can commit everywhere.

Camel PMCs nominated also two other committers - Scott England-Sullivan and Raul Kripalani. Both of them are Camel/ServiceMix experts hired by Red Hat (previously by the Fuse Source). It so cool to be nominated to the committer in the companion of such open source rock stars :) .

Becoming a committer will definitely increase my contribution frequency rate :) . I got pretty long backlog with things I would like add to the Camel. Things that usually occurred to me during development of the projects with the Camel under the hood.

There is also one thing that is a pure Camel-research not related directly to my professional activity. Some time ago I've managed to start small Camel router on my Android device. I plan to create separated camel-android module in Camel Extra, where people interested in running Camel on mobile devices could contribute their code.

Anyway developing such top-notch project as Camel is extremely exciting and addicting :) . You should try it.


  1. So did you post this small camel router somewhere? I think you mentioned github ...
    I'm curious, which problems arised resp. which are remaining.

  2. I'm afraid I didn't push it anywhere. However I want to reanimate Camel Android project this year - the last quarter of the year (with new job and long US business travel) has been cruel for me :) . This is the topic I got at the back of my head.