Thursday, November 21, 2013

Camel Extra release life cycle finally in place

This is an epic moment for all the Camel Extra users. For the very first time in the history of the project we are finally in sync with the release cycle of Apache Camel.

The above basically means that from now on you can always use the version of Camel Extra component which is tested against your version of Apache Camel. For example if you want to use Hibernate component in your project using Camel 2.12.1, you can use the same version of the latter component as your ASF Camel dependencies.
From this point forward Camel Extra is distributed in the same versions as Apache Camel, starting from 2.10.0. For this moment that would be:
  • camel-extra-2.10.0
  • camel-extra-2.10.1
  • camel-extra-2.10.2
  • camel-extra-2.10.3
  • camel-extra-2.10.4
  • camel-extra-2.10.5
  • camel-extra-2.10.6
  • camel-extra-2.10.7
  • camel-extra-2.11.0
  • camel-extra-2.11.1
  • camel-extra-2.11.2
  • camel-extra-2.12.0
  • camel-extra-2.12.1
Catching up the Apache Camel life cycle takes the burden of answering the users' question "Why there is no Hibernate component in version ${put your Apache Camel version here} available in Maven Central?" from me :) . Many thanks for all the Camel Extra riders contributing to the release process. Special thanks go to our new committer Christoph Emmersberger. Kudos for all your great work during the laborious release process!

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