Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Scala 1.0.0.M2 has been released

Arjen Poutsma, open source rock star from SpringSource/VMware, announced today that the second milestone of Spring Scala 1.0.0 has been finally released. I feel emotionally bounded to this release, as I contributed pretty much to it :) .

Spring Scala is the brand new project from the Spring portfolio. Its goal is to provide the first-class bridge between the Spring wiring and the Scala code.

New release includes some nice features making Scala people the happy people including:

  • New JdbcTemplate wrapper. We've dropped the SimpleJdbcTemplate as it has been deprecated in Java.
  • Introduced new "rich" wrappers for the BeanFactory, ListableBeanFactory and ApplicationContext. Also added implicit conversions to these wrappers (following the "Pimp my library" pattern).
  • Introduced new AOP Advice wrappers, with implicit conversions (AdviceConversions)
  • Upgraded to Scala 2.10.2 and Spring 3.2.2. Note that Spring 3.2.2 is required when using the FunctionalConfiguration trait.
  • Added Scala-friendly TransactionSynchronizationManager wrapper supporting pattern-matching style of registering synchronization callbacks. 
  • Changed inner workings of FunctionConfiguration so that it now eagerly initializes beans that require this (BeanFactoryPostProcessors etc).
  • And many more bug fixes and other changes.

Stay tuned for the next Spring Scala milestone!


  1. Very well!
    I want to see some detial spring-scala sample like other spring project.

  2. For now I can offer you the following post of mine - [1]. Reference documentation will be published before the very first stable release of Spring Scala. In the meantime you can follow "Spring Scala" tag [2] on my blog.

    I hope you will like it.


    [1] http://henryk-konsek.blogspot.com/2013/04/rich-applicationcontext-in-spring-scala.html
    [2] http://henryk-konsek.blogspot.com/search/label/spring%20scala