Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Choose your weapon - wiki tools

So you feel bad about not using wiki, as you ought to? You wanna change it? You need a recommendation for the great wiki tools? I can recommend two of them.
  • Google Sites - free wiki from Google. Perfect choice if you need to save some money and can keep your data in the cloud (people in corporations not always can).
  • Confluence - great product from the great company named Atlassian. We use it at the Apache Camel. Can can host private instance of Confluence starting from 10$ per year (or pay Atlassian 10$ per month to use their cloud).
I've also worked with Alfresco and JSP Wiki, however I don't recommend them. Too complicated and unintuitive comparing to the Google Sites and Confluence.

I'm curious about your experiences with wiki tools. Any feedback will be highly appreciated. :)


  1. Google Sites is awesome ... until you try to come up with a URL for your site and it tells you that your URL is not available, but it won't tell you what is available.


    1. But it is still the best wiki tool I know :) . Even better than Confluence. And *much* better than MS SharePoint.