Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Camel Extra available in Maven Central

I'm very happy to announce in the name of the Camel team that starting from today Camel Extra will be available to download from Maven central repository. The very first version of Camel Extra published to the Central is 2.10.0.

That basically means that starting from version 2.10.0 you don't need to include the ugly Camel Extra repository in your Maven POM configuration anymore. All you need to do is to specify the Maven dependency and it will be automagically downloaded from the Maven Central repository.

This is the first step to keep Camel Extra in sync with its bigger brother. Many people complained about the quality of releases of the Camel Extra (if I got a dollar for every complaint about Hibernate integration I've heard...). Our goal is to make Camel Extra as reliable as "regular" Camel.

PS The major change we introduced in the 2.10.0 release is changing the Java package name from org.apachextras.camel to org.apacheextras.camel (please note the double "e"). We decided that releasing to Maven Central is a good moment for this kind of aggressive refactoring. Remember then to update Java package in your existing routing code.

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