Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm Android user from now on

I thought I would soon become the last person on earth using Sony Ericsson K750i. I'm not a kind of a hardware geek, so I replace the mobile phone when the old one is unusable. However the problem with my old Sony Ericsson is that it is almost indestructible (it even survived all my crashes during the downhill riding). Fortunately I calculated that using mobile phone as HSDPA modem is cheaper than paying for pre-paids for both mobile Internet and mobile phone.

Since I perceive Apple products as a bit too... pink? ..., I decided to buy an Android device. The cheapest one for the sensible monthly fee.

That's how a become an owner of the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

My general impression is as follows - I'm amazed how useful it is to own a smartphone. :) I would like to stress it once again - I'm not a kind of hardware of gadgets geek. I'm usually not getting easily excited by these kind of things. But this time I must admit - I'm pretty excited by the possibilities offered even by the cheap Android device like the one I own.


  1. Have you spotted any particular flaws in it? :) Some negative experiences?

  2. Needs restart once a day or two. Not the best CPU, sometimes Angry Birds does not work smoothly.
    But despite these problems, it's a cheap and pretty good smartphone for those unwilling to pay 1/4 or more of their monthly income for another electronic device :)

  3. Oh no! Not Angry Birds! If I knew before...