Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oracle Fundamentals exam goes beta

Two Oracle experts from Poland (Krzysiek Kozioł and Krzysiek Mały) contributed new Oracle Fundamentals exam.

Now we need to fill new exam with questions. To encourage contributors I set x2 multiplier to all contribution points earned with this exam. Tempting, isn't it?

This exam is the first one in the brand new Oracle SQL path on Black Belt Factory. Together with the both Christophers we're still working on the next Oracle exams. Wanna join us? :)


  1. Thanks for such a good advertisement :) Just one doubt from my side - there is no "x2" sign next to this exam. Is it BBF bug or something? I have posted some questions in this exam with normal contribution points result. Regards.


  2. Resurrected bug. I'll manually add missing contribution points to all Oracle commiters when we fix this issue.

    Thanks for reporting :)