Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Apache Camel Fundamentals exam resurrected!

A long time ago I created a draft of the objectives for the Apache Camel Fundamentals exam. I want to reanimate the topic. The objectives have been reviewed and commented by the mighty Claus Ibsen himself so the quality of the recent version of Google Doc should be quite good. :)

I want to release the exam in the next week. Any feedback regarding the objectives is welcome and appreciated.

In general we (particularly I) plan to create separated track for ServiceMix stack. So expect more exams regarding Camel, ServiceMix, ActiveMQ, CXF and Fuse Source products in general. Here at Black Belt factory we just love ServiceMix and Fuse Source stuff, so we want to promote it and help people to learn this wonderful integration stack with our courses and exams.

If you are an integration kind of geek, you may also be interested in our new EIP exam.

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