Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Camel Extra 2.5.0 officially released

Two days ago we released Camel Extra 2.5.0 . It is now available at Camel Extra Maven repository.

There was some problems with Camel Extra being released together with the main Camel distribution. Due to that problems people using latest Camel-Extra modules used to download the Camel-Extra Maven project and build it locally. Such approach was immature and annoying at least. We promise that starting with 2.5.0 release we will always deploy the latest Camel-Extra together with the main Camel distribution. No more mandatory local builds from this point :) .

In order to use the latest stable version of the Camel Extra use the following repository:
  <name>Camel Extra Maven repository of releases</name>

You may ask why Camel Extra cannot be synchronized and hosted in the same repository as main Camel distribution (Apache repository for example). Actually that's good question. But stay tuned - we're working on that issue :) .

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